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    Plumbing Services Pompano Beach FL

    Full Service Plumbing Repairs at a low price is our motto. Our plumbing company offers the most complete array of plumbing services in Pompano Beach and surrounding areas in Southern Florida.

    Here is an extensive list of all the services we can provide:

    • High Pressure Water Jetting: extremely efficient when it comes to cleaning sewers, drains and pipes.
    • Bathroom and Kitchen remodeling: we will install your kitchen and bathroom suites, and we can also do wet rooms.
    • Pipe Repair, replacement and maintenance: this is one of the most important part of your plumbing system and as such, it should be treated with special care. Heat and cold can affect your piping installation.
    • Radiators and Water Tanks
    • Appliance installations and repairs: dishwasher, refrigerators,
    • Pump repair, installation and maintenance
    • Hot Water Heater repair, replacement and maintenance
    • Toilets: we take care of clogged or partially clogged toilets and make sure they keep functioning properly. If the water is overflowing or
    • Shower and tubs: they can be clogged too. If you end up in a pool of stagnating water after taking a shower, it might be a sign that something is wrong.
    • Commercial Plumbing: your office, warehouse or rental property can be fully serviced by our company.
    • Drains and sewers: this is where the most stressful situations usually happen. A major backup can cause heavy damage to your house.
    • Leak detection and repair: one of the most common and annoying problems you can encounter. And it is not always easy to determine where it comes from unless you use special tools and instruments.
    • Garbage Disposal repair, installation and maintenance: an essentiel piece of every modern home that must be taken care of properly, especially if you didn’t pay attention and overstuffed it.
    • Trenchless Sewers: if you want to replace your old sewer, this is the perfect solution to avoid digging trenches. If you still want to use the traditional dig method, it is also possible of course.
    • Video Inspection: we use special cameras to see what is going on inside your plumbing system and determine what is causing your problem.
    • Plumbing Safety Inspections: it is important to take a look from time to time at your plumbing system to make sure that everything is under control and to avoid future damages or possible issues.
    • 24 hour plumber: our 24/7 emergency service takes care of all your urgent needs and deal with any plumbing accident the same day, sometimes even within an hour.

    If you are looking for plumbing contractors in your area, get in touch with a plumber pompano beach and prepare to be blown away by the quality of our service and our expertise. Our prices are always reasonable and made to meet your budget. Your personal situation will be taken into account while deciding which way to go to repair your plumbing issue.

    Whether you need your water heater repaired or to install a new sink, we have the corresponding service for you. Give us a call now: 754 238 2844 and let’s talk about plumbing!